With the objective of delivering cost-effective energy solutions, Shakti Consultants, Inc. provides customized, sustainable, energy efficiency solutions to enhance performance of facilities and processes.
Shakti Consultants, Inc. serves commercial, institutional, industrial and federal sectors.

Shakti Consultants, Inc. offers SERVICES to:

  • Facility Owners and/or Operators
  • Utilities and Their Customers
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in ESPC Development
  • Prime Contractors

Employing best practices and leveraging the experience of the talented professionals that make up Shakti Consultants, Inc., the team supports you with an exceptional blend of engineering, technical and management expertise. Shakti Consultants, Inc. is ready to assist you in advancing specific energy initiatives, developing cost-effective solutions, and moving you forward toward definitive energy goals.

Shakti Consultants, Inc. will ASSIST you in:

  • Assessing the feasibility of facility energy efficiency and renewable opportunities
  • Developing the appropriate project to leverage a specific technology or strategy
  • Developing cost effective measures
  • Maximizing operational performance of facilities
  • Optimizing energy and related financial performance

You can move toward energy efficiency in working with Shakti Consultants, Inc. through the process of:

  • Accurately identifying energy efficiency and/or facility operational issues and challenges
  • Understanding business and technical risks
  • Defining insightful alternative solutions
  • Refining alternatives into viable and sustainable solutions